About Us

Covered By Love is a Southern Gospel family trio based in Ohio. This family group is steeped in tradition and faith in Christ. Southern Gospel Music has been a major part of their family and now they are sharing their faith and hope in Jesus Christ with the world.  

Covered By Love is comprised of Rhonda Van Meter - Smith (mother) & Cody Smith (son).

Cody began singing in church in October of 2007. His desire to sing began much earlier when at age 18 months he happily followed The Narrow Way Singers on stage which was comprised of grandparents Larry and Mary Van Meter (parents of Roseanna & Rhonda) and aunt Roseanna. Since 2007, Cody has continued singing and working for the Lord with great dedication.

Rhonda soon after heard the call from God that the work He wanted us to do was sing for Him wherever He leads us.

Ethan Smith (son & brother) followed singing in March of 2009 at the age of 7. In August of 2012, Cody & Ethan received the "Bo Rickard Youth In Gospel Music Award" for there dedication and service to Gospel Music. In January of 2016, at the age of 14, Ethan answered the call to preach God's word. In August of 2020, Ethan Smith stepped down from the group to pursue his career & Roseanna Van Meter - Adkins joined the group.

The group travels across the country in full-time ministry spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and song with dedication and most importantly the anointing of God. Our prayer is that the audience will come to the realization that there is hope, life, and love in Jesus Christ. We present Christ by being a living example of what He can do in your life. We express the hope we have in Jesus Christ and the miracles He has done in our lives and that He can do the same for you.

Also, the group was blessed to have their 1st radio release "I'll Lay My Crown" chart nationally at #70 in the Singing News Top 80 for the month of  February 2018 and #42 in the SGN Scoops Top 100 for the month of May 2018 & their 2nd radio release "There's Power In God's Son" chart nationally at #77 in the Singing News Top 80 for the month of August 2018. Recently, the group received their 3rd Singing News Top 80 song, "A Part Of Me" charting at #48 for the month of February 2019! We thank the LORD for the blessings he continues to give to our ministry!